Maxell Gold Series 84 AA + AAA 1.5V Alkaline Batteries Super Value Pack

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Each order is for a Maxell Gold Series Super Value Pack that includes
48 AA and 36 AAA Batteries

Without electricity, mankind would have limited access to Bach's symphonies, Hitchcock's films, and Bob Saget doing dog and baby voice-overs. Without batteries, the radio alarm fails in the morning, the automatic soap dispenser in the bath room malfunctions, the wireless PC mouse pretends to be dead and the remote control ignores your wishes. Everyday life becomes a drag without functioning batteries. The advent of batteries has allowed people to light dark tunnels, power portable electronics and keep emergency projectiles to wage war against food-stealing pigeons. Maxell AA and AAA batteries with alkaline technology deliver up to six times better performance than the average zinc carbon battery to ensure you don't get caught short without power. These Maxell AA and AAA batteries are free from harmful heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury and lead.  With a voltage of 1.5 volt, the value pack of AA and AAA Alkaline batteries are suitable for cameras and other devices that tend to have a high energy consumption. Maxell has been boosting energy levels since 1969 and has become a household favorite ever since.

Exp. 2018


  • Value pack contains 48 LR6 AA Batteries and 36 LR03 AAA Batteries
  • Powerful, reliable Maxell Alkaline batteries for charging everyday devices
  • Compatible with a variety of products including flashlights, toys, remote controls, and smoke alarms
  • Delivers long-lasting and reliable power
  • Six times stronger than zinc-carbon batteries
  • Contains no cadmium, mercury, or lead

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