Stanley 9 Outlet Surge Protector SurgeMax 400J All Purpose Metal Power Bar 31615

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Stanley 9 Outlet Surge Protector SurgeMax 400J All Purpose Metal Power Bar 31615
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The Stanley 9 Outlet Surge Protector allows you to connect and protect as many as 9 peripherals into a single power outlet with the Stanley SurgeMax Surge Protector 31615 Pro9 9 outlet Metal Power Bar. A surge protector is designed to protect electronic devices with a standard AC plug from damaging power surges and disruptive line noise transferred through the electrical outlet. The Stanley SurgeMax 9-outlet surge protector makes sure that voltage spikes won't harm your valuable electronic equipment like computers, TV, cable set top box, game console or home theater speaker. Any device that plugs into an outlet can benefit from a surge protector, but the most vulnerable pieces of equipment are those with memory and sensitive electronic circuitry. With so many outlets, you'll find it to be adequate to protect several pieces of electronic equipment at the same time. The Stanley 9 Outlet Surge Protector has 9-spaced outlets accommodate over-sized power adaptors. This PowerBar surge protector has built-in T-slots/wall brackets for easy wall or rack mounting, integrated 15A lighted circuit breaker switch, 3ft heavy duty power cord, strong metal housing, and provides 400-Joules of protection. Perfect for home, office, garage workbench, and industrial applications. This power bar has a rugged metal housing with 400J surge suppression. The cord is 6ft long, the body is 3ft long and has 9 grounded outlets. There is a on/off switch with a resettable circuit breaker.


  • Cord length: 6 ft
  • Body length: 3 ft
  • 9 Grounded outlets
  • Rugged metal housing
  • On/Off switch with built in circuit breaker
  • Wall mounting keyholes
  • Surge suppression: 400 Joule
  • Rating: ETL 15A/125V/1875W
  • Gauge: AWG 14/3 SJTW
  • Clamp voltage-500V (L-N, L-G, N-G), Surge Current-3000A, Surge Voltage-3000V, 3-Line w/PCB, 4pc MOV (14D-201),2pc Thermal, 1pc Capacitor
  • Stanley 9 Outlet Surge Protector SurgeMax 31615 UPC: 686140316159