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M2Pets Snap-N-Clean Self Cleaning Shedding Comb For Dogs & Cats

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$5.99 $12.99
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Self Cleaning Shedding Comb For Dogs & Cats
- for professional or in-home use!

The Snap-N-Clean Shedding Comb's long and short pin design easily removes loose hair in your pet's topcoat and undercoat, resulting in a much healthier coat for your pet and less mess around the house for you. The shedding combs Snap-N-Clean Arm makes cleaning the comb faster and easier than ever.


  • Snap-N-Clean Self Cleaning Arm removes hair - cleans your pet comb in a snap!
  • Dual length stainless steel teeth allow you to groom topcoat and undercoat with one swipe!
  • Ergonomically designed handle and soft grip pads allow for longer use with less hand fatigue
  • Designed to easily remove loose hair in your pets topcoat and undercoat.
30 Day Warranty