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Rebel Time Watches is a Brooklyn based boutique company, which traces it’s roots to the founder's great grandfather Issador, who immigrated from the Ukraine to the United States in 1913. Rebel Time Watches aims to create high quality watches for the chic, contemporary male. The credo of Rebel Time Watches is quality, heritage, and craftsmanship, above all else. Fueled by the desire to fuse function and style, Rebel Time Watches found a painful gap in what was offered on the market and what was needed for someone bold living on the edge – for the REBEL man. As a creativity-driven watch brand that never backs down from a challenge, Rebel Time Watches took a risk and created a stunning, exclusive collection, that’s bold, never boring, and made to Swiss standards without breaking the bank. Time always fades away, but the impact you make will last forever. Rebel Time Watches - Breaking boundaries one watch at a time.