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Getting the Best out of Daily Deals

Getting the Best out of Daily Deals

Daily deals are a great way to get the best offersfor goods and services. While various retail sites host “deals-of-the-day” on their websites, daily dealsites remain the best source for these kinds of deals since they feature deals from many different retailers. Experiences with daily deals — and any discounted sales sites for that matter — vary greatly, with some boasting great steals while some others are not so impressive. Here are some considerations for you to consider in order to have the best shot at landing a great deal:

1. Register with a daily dealsite.

Pretty obvious, right? You have to be in the game to win the game. We suggest you opt in for the relevant email and browser notifications unless you trust yourself to log onto the sites every couple of minutes to check out the deals and updates.

2. Have an idea what you want to get – and seek it out.

While random deals are enticing, you don’t want to stock up on items you probably will not need for a long time. To avoid impulse buying, it’s best you have an idea of what you’re looking to get in the next three months, and when it pops in the mail, ta-da! You can always search for a specific deal you’re looking for. Amongst the myriad deals available daily, there’s a good chance you’ll get a good fit.

3. Beware of inflated prices.

Companies always want their deals to look good, and some try to make it look like a much better deal than it actually is. While a slight increase may be harmless since you’re getting a great deal, a bloated deal may have you spending more than you should for the value being offered. A deal offering 80% off may actually cost more than a deal with 25% off which offers the same value. Be sure to compare the actual prices before you hop on the offer.

4. Sales last for a limited time only.

Before you use a coupon, understand that the deal won’t be reserved until you’re ready for it. Businesses usually offer deals to boost sales and may restrict them to their off-peak times. So, make sure you are ready to use the coupon before it expires and if it’s a gift for someone, encourage them to use it before the deal time elapses. While you can still get some value for your money after expiration, it’s unlikely you will get the special deal on the coupon.

5. Note the good deals – and return to them.

All deals aren’t created equal. If you’ve tried a deal once and it served you well, be on the lookout for when it comes on again. Most times, businesses repost deals that have done well in the past – many are a constant feature on deal sites. Pay attention to the ratings and reviews from past customers to get an idea what to expect. Also, if you’re planning on a long-term association, you should familiarize yourself with the options available for contacting the daily deals site, should you have any questions about past or future orders.

6. Pay attention to the fine print.

Terms and conditions apply — don’t they always?

You’ve heard it before; the devil is in the details. Don’t fall prey to offers that seem so peppy but don’t actually mean what you think. Fully understand what’s on offer before you buy. For instance, an offer for a regular spa session for one month doesn’t mean much. The fine print will indicate how long the session will last daily. A half-hour session every other day for one month isn’t the same as an hour session daily for the month, yet both may bear the same heading. The law obliges businesses to give clear details of their offers including expiration dates and refund policy for unredeemed coupons. There are legal requirements for daily deals and you need to understand the basics at least.

7. Don’t get stuck with shady deal sites.

Daily deals are great, and those notifications can save you a ton of cash but that doesn’t mean you should get rabid. Learn to separate chaff from the grain by ensuring that the daily deals site is accredited by the BBB, as well as verifying the reputation of the business with past customers using Google Customer Reviews and Reselerratings.

8. Take proper precautions when buying online.

Finally, stay safe. Buying stuff online comes with its associated risks. Daily deals are no different. So, in this case, just like others, practice your due diligence. Verify the authenticity of the seller and deals as much as you can. Apart from the on-site reviews, a basic Internet search can uncover bogus businesses and fake deals. Be careful when putting your card details online. Never put your card details in an email or an unknown payment processor or unsecured site (“HTTPS” is secure, “HTTP” isn’t).

You can always get these daily deal offers to work to your advantage whether you are seeking a specific deal or just on the lookout for special offers. Let us know what your daily deal experience has been.

Mar 15th 2018 Deal Editor

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