2 Pack: Stanley TimerMax Digislim Polarized 1-Outlet Digital Bar Indoor Timer 38425

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Stanley 38425 TimerMax Digislim Polarized 1-Outlet Digislim Digital Indoor Timer
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The Stanley Digislim Digital Indoor Timer keeps lamps or other devices on a timer. If you’re away from the house, simply having a light on during evening hours can help deter potential burglars. Plug a lamp into this device, program the hours that you want the lamp on, and it will automatically turn the lamp on and off. This Stanley TimerMax Digislim Indoor Timer Daily Digital Lamp Timer will turn the electrical devises ON/OFF automatically. The program repeats daily. It has a polarized outlet and a LCD screen with visual indicators. The slim design does not block second outlet. It will help save money and energy - in the OFF position, timer cuts power to device, eliminating wasteful standby power. This timer is very easy to activate. Just plug the timer into the wall for an hour, remove the timer, hit the reset button and the battery will be activated. Rated: 120V/5A/600W.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to set: Time, On, Off
  • Sets as easy as a clock radio
  • Built-in rechargable NiHm battery
  • Back-up batteries store programs even when unplugged
  • Compact design will not block second outlet
  • Manual always ON switch
  • Single Polarized Outlet
  • Large LCD digital display
  • Single program repeats daily
  • Polarized outlet


  • Battery Type: Built-in rechargable NiHm battery
  • Color: white
  • Digital Display: Yes
  • Rating: 125V/5A/600W Resistive & Tungsten
  • Stanley TimerMax Digislim Indoor Timer 38425 UPC: 686140384257